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sensing strata

a brief history of the

Earth told in layers

Anthropocene epoch

"anthropos" is Greek for "human"

the human population has

trippled in one generation

deep time


human strata on top

of Earth strata?

children and young people

as co-researchers

can we think

a hundred million years?

doing science by making art?

art in public, art in the street 

architectural strata

co-producing art as research

unearthing oil from the strata

concrete processes

of lived abstraction

because children have a different perception of climate change

buildings covered up

by future strata

digital strata

strata to make strata

have humans taken over the world?

art and life become indistinct

(epi)genetic strata

poetry as strata

strata as data





strata mix, separate and ferment like a yogurt culture

last week we counted 70 rings

on a split tree in Chorlton

our strata are

becoming unstratified

our compositions are

becoming uncomposed


David Rousell (Biosocial Lab, MMU)

Suzanne Smith (Z-arts)

Z-artists (age 11-14)

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