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sensing rivers

This project is part of the public program for Wild Hope: Conversations for a Planetary Commons, an exhibition at RMIT's Design Hub Gallery.  The project involves a collaboration with children and teachers from Collingwood College, an alternative public school in the inner urban north of Naarm (Melbourne). The project centres on children's walking and creative engagement along the Birrarung river, as guided by Indigenous knowledge holders from the Koorie Heritage Trust. Working collaboratively with children as artist-researchers, the project aims to question settler colonial claims to the ‘commons’ as it relates to unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung lands and waters. The program will culminate in a co-produced multi-sensory installation which invites audiences to explore ways of ‘sharing the world’ from the diverse perspectives of local children walking on stolen lands.

Children from Collingwood College (ages 8-11)
Kelly Hussey-Smith
David Rousell
Emma Kefford
Meredith Blakeney


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