Environmental Arts Collaboratory

shifting atmospheres, pedagogies, and temporalities

January 22nd, 2019 Biosocial Research Lab, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Sensing Time|Space|Atmosphere: Works in process from the Local Alternatives project 

David Rousell (MMU), Laura Trafi-Prats (MMU), Liz de Freitas (MMU), Michael Gallagher (MMU), Riikka Hohti (MMU), Z-Artists (age 5-11), Young Contemporaries (age 16-25)

   Sensing Time (immersive installation, non-linear video interface, binaural sound performance, live sensor data)             Conceptual Calling Cards (annotated philosophy books, set of 25 cards)                                                             The Missing Half Second (88 drawings on tracing paper, stop-motion animation at ½ second intervals) 
   The Listening Body (5 minute video and sound work)


Imperceptible Dance: Experiments with embodied and disembodied affects of virtual environments

Sophie Hedderwick (Birmingham City University)

VR installation, digital environment, haptic vest, GSR sensors 



Atmospheric Things and Elemental Worlds 

Derek McCormack (University of Oxford)

Affective Mappings through Sensory Augmentation and Sonic Attunement 

Jonas Fritsch (IT University Copenhagen)

Sound walk and haptic sense mapping

The diffractive practitioners - collaborative writing-thinking-doing with students, concepts, and Walney Island 
Jamie Mcphie (University of Cumbria) and Dave Clarke (University of Edinburgh)


Atmospheric Expressions: Re-animating childhood memories

Ricardo Nemirovsky (Manchester Metropolitan)