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sensing affect


affect changes how we feel 

and what we can do

we begin in relation

we begin in events

how we sense, feel, and think the world

on the surface of our skin

activating potentials

alternative forms of life

most of what we experience

can't be seen, named, or spoken

 drawing with biosensors

tapping into the sympathetic nervous system

the body as a medium

surfing waves of intensity

a lexicon of unnamable feelings

longer than any dictionary

 sensible but imperceptible forces

sometimes our signals tend towards synchrony

depending on the dance of co-attunement

bodies drift in and out of resonance

affect circulates across distances

like the connection between ET and Elliot

or when you look at the moon 

it's felt here and felt there

the missing half second

the feeling of the future and the past in the present 

new constellations of value

a feeling that matters

llatencies and potencies

atmospheres and architectures of feeling

learning to be affected

more and less


David Rousell (Biosocial Lab, MMU)

Liz de Freitas (Biosocial Lab, MMU)

Suzanne Smith (Z-arts)

Z-artists (age 11-14)

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