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sensing change

Today’s children are growing up in times of accelerating change, as the unequal impacts of global climate change, extinction, ubiquitous technology, and COVID 19 shift the present conditions and future trajectories of children’s lives. How are children sensing this acceleration of change, and specifically, the role of art and design in both weathering and channelling the force of change toward more just and sustainable futures? 

Local Alternatives is exploring this question through a series of collaborative, arts-based workshops with children (ages 9-13) at the National Gallery of Victoria. Using the NGV’s ‘We Change the World’ exhibition as a creative laboratory, children from Collingwood College are working with researchers and educators to develop creative methods for sensing and envisioning change. This has included the use of wearable cameras, microphones, and sound recorders as media for sensing how art and design can both register and create change. These initial experiences in the gallery have also seeded ongoing children's ongoing development of their own inquiry projects at Collingwood College, all exploring creative ways of sensing and instantiating change.

Children from Collingwood College (ages 9-13)
David Rousell (Creative Agency, RMIT)
Kelly Hussey-Smith (Creative Agency, RMIT)
Jordan Lacy (Creative Agency, RMIT)
Michele Stockley (National Gallery of Victoria)
Elizabeth Gage (National Gallery of Victoria)
Kerry Levier (Collingwood College)
Emma Kefford (Collingwood College)


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