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sensing climate

this is not only a human age

because there are still dogs

and fish

folding strata into spheres

from the blue marble

to the tainted planet

new images of Earth

where does the Earth's climate 

begin and end?



mixings of elements and forces

within and between climate spheres

why are planets round?

the dark beauty of satellite images

with toxic particles and gases

swirling around the Earth  

learning to think 

in three dimensions

the conservation of matter

as energy and mass

it's like Alice falling

down the rabbit hole 

the digital Earth

thinking in cross-sections

we can see forever

past the curve of the Earth

gravity as an invisible force

that builds planets

the relativity of space and time

ancient light from the stars

climates under the surface of the Earth

and under our skin

interstellar climates

invisible climates 

of the body/mind

does all energy on the Earth

come from the sun?

what about hydrothermal energy

that comes from inside the Earth?

climate all the way up

and all the way down

all the way in 

and all the way out


David Rousell (Biosocial Lab, MMU)

Suzanne Smith (Z-arts)

Z-artists (age 11-14)

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