©2018 by David Rousell and the Local Alternatives team.

project publications 


Rousell, D., de Freitas, E., Trafi-Prats, L., & Hohti, R. (2019). Remixing Thick Time. Exhibition at Whitworth Gallery, in collaboration with Young Contemporaries (age 16-25). 

Rousell, D., Hohti, R., & Chalk, H. (2019). Inheriting the Anthropocene. Exhibition at Manchester Museum, in collaboration with Trinity High school students (age 11-14). 

Rousell, D., & de Freitas, E. (2018). Superpositions.  Exhibition at Birley Art Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, in collaboration with Z-artists (age 5-13).


conference papers

Rousell, D., de Freitas, E., Trafi-Prats, L., & Hohti, R. (2019). Remixing Thick Time: Alternative approaches to collaboration.  Complexity, Creativity, and Co-Production conference, Manchester Metropolitan University. 

de Freitas, E., & Rousell, D. (2018). Atmospheric Intensities: Sensing the places and times of learning through bioaffective technologies. Affects/Interfaces/Events conference, Aarhus University.

de Freitas, E., & Rousell, D. (2018). Sensor technologies and the future of ethnographic fieldwork. European Association of Social Anthropologists biannual conference, Stockholm University.

Rousell, D. (2018). Tasting the data: Two problems for qualitative inquiry in the Datacene. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne.

Rousell, D., Gallagher, M., & Wright, M. (2017). Becoming Listening Bodies: Sound walking as a pedagogy of sensation. Conference on Arts-based and Artistic Research, Tate Gallery, Liverpool. 

journal articles 

Rousell, D., Gallagher, M., and Wright, M. (under review). The Listening Body: Soundwalking as a pedagogy and politics of sensation. International Journal of Education Through Art. 


de Freitas, E., Rousell, D., & Jaeger, N. (under review). Relational architectures and wearable space: The politics of ubiquitous sensation. Research  in Education [special issue on biosocial imaginaries]. 



Rousell, D. (under production, 2020 publication). Immersive cartography: A speculative adventure into research-creation. Routledge [Research and methods in education].

Rousell, D., & Hickey-Moody, A. (under review). Symbolic forms of expression: Toward speculative practices in community arts education. In L Burgess & N. Addison (eds)., Debates in Art and Design Education. Routledge. 

Rousell, D., de Freitas, E., Trafi-Prats, L., and Hohti, R. (under review). Sensing Time: Propositions and techniques for sensing urban ecologies to come. In L. Trafi-Prats, Fendler, R., and Varela, A. (eds). Becoming Lively in the City: Essays on the Ontology, Aesthetics and Ethics of Visual Participatory Arts-Based Research. Routledge. 

de Freitas, E., & Rousell, D. (under review). Atmospheric intensities: Skin conductance and the collective sensing body. In Fritsch, J., Thomsen, B., and Kofoed, J. (Eds.), Affects, Interfaces, Events. Aarhus University Press. 

de Freitas, E., & Rousell, D. (under review). Toward a Biosensory Ethnography: Sensor technologies and the future of ethnographic fieldwork. In Lanzeni, D., Pink, S., Smith, R.C., & Waltorp, K. (eds.). Contested Technologies: Future Anthropologies. Bloomsbury.